Vo2 Max Testing

VO2 Max Testing - a Predictor of Sports Excellence

VO2 max testing measures aerobic fitness, or the ability of an individual to consume oxygen at a maximal rate. It is a widely accepted standard for measuring aerobic power and cardiovascular fitness. It is important for athletes to measure their VO2 max to create more efficient athletes and to analyze physiological changes that occur during exercise. This test has several advantages over traditional physical fitness assessments, including its ability to identify health risks.

We offer comprehensive assessments to measure your maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) and provide valuable insights into your cardiovascular fitness and aerobic capacity. This testing is crucial for runners aiming to optimize their training, improve performance, and reach their full potential.

During the VO2max test, you will be connected to specialized equipment that monitors your heart rate, breathing patterns, and oxygen consumption as you perform a progressive exertional test. This typically involves running on a treadmill or using a stationary bike while wearing a mask or mouthpiece to measure your oxygen and carbon dioxide levels.

The test is designed to push your cardiovascular system to its limits, gradually increasing the intensity of exercise until you reach a point of exhaustion. At this point we will discontinue the test and process your results.

By measuring your VO2max, we can determine the maximum amount of oxygen your body can utilize during intense exercise. This information is a key indicator of your aerobic fitness level and endurance capacity. Additionally, the test provides valuable data on your anaerobic threshold, which is the point at which your body transitions from aerobic to anaerobic energy production.

Following the test, our experts will provide you with a detailed analysis of your results. This will include your actual VO2max value, as well as your anaerobic threshold, heart rate zones, and other relevant metrics. We will explain the significance of these findings and help you understand how they relate to your running performance.

Armed with this information, we can work closely with you to develop a customized training plan. We can provide recommendations on optimal training intensities, duration, and recovery strategies to help you enhance your endurance, increase your lactate threshold, and improve your overall running performance.

Whether you are a competitive runner looking to gain a competitive edge or simply someone seeking to understand and improve your health and fitness, our VO2max testing program is a valuable tool in assessing and monitoring your aerobic capacity. By understanding this, we can guide you towards more effective training strategies, helping you achieve your goals and surpass your personal bests.

Contact us today to schedule your VO2max testing session and unlock the key to unlocking your full running potential.

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What Our Athletes Say

David Thrower
David Thrower
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Jeff has been a phenomenal physical therapist. Could not recommend him more, especially for athletes or runners in the area. He has tremendous expertise and has been pivotal in my recovery from chronic neck pain and journey getting back into a good fitness routine.
Lauren Z
Lauren Z
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I know Jeff in his capacity as a physical therapist, and he is excellent. He helped me recover mobility after a major surgery, and I believe that following his suggestions also helped put my rheumatoid arthritis into remission. He is knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. I highly recommend him!
Timothy Loughlin
Timothy Loughlin
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Would recommend Jeffrey Fairman and his expertise highly. He invests in your well being, and his clinical knowledge is unparalleled. I have been lucky enough to experience his passion with physical therapy, strengthening, and the rehabilitation process. Would highly recommend if you are looking for training or physical therapy.